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Providing Oil, Gas and Mineral Monitoring Service to Royalty Owners

The ONLY LOCAL Full-Service Mineral Team

Providing Oil and Gas Leasing and Mineral Sales Assistance along with a complete royalty analysis service to mineral owners.

If you own oil and gas rights, you can’t afford not to use our services.

At Bordas Mineral Management, our passion is helping mineral owners protect and expand their mineral wealth.

Bordas Mineral Management is a team of oil industry experts, division order analysts, accountants, computer programmers, and mineral managers. We proudly provide our clients, our friends, and our surrounding communities the mineral service they deserve in this one-sided industry.

For first time, you will have independent experienced examiner tell you whether are being treated fairly.

Virtual Meeting Options

Due to the current social distancing and quarantine directives surrounding the COVID-19 pandemic, Bordas Mineral Management is now offering new virtual meeting options to protect the health and safety of our team and you, the client. All current and new clients are invited to schedule a conference call with our company representatives to address your questions and concerns, and are happy to offer the option of scheduling a video conference using Zoom, Google Meet, or your web conferencing site of choice. All consultations are FREE and can cover any of our services. To schedule your virtual meeting, please reach out to us by phone at 304-243-8000 or via our Contact page. We look forward to protecting your interests and giving you peace of mind.

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22 Cypress Avenue, Wheeling, WV 26003
Phone: 304-243-8000  |  Fax: 304-242-3937

Be protected. Have peace of mind.

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