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Our Services


  • Royalty Revenue Monitoring
  • Royalty Revenue Auditing
  • Oil and Gas Lease Negotiation Reviews
  • Pipeline Negotiations
  • Assistance with Selling Royalties



Royalty Revenue Monitoring

This service may provide you with thousands of dollars of royalty payments you are NOT NOW receiving.

Bordas Mineral Management is able to collect and maintain records of royalty payments on a well and lease basis, which will relieve the royalty owner of the burden of examining and assessing (something you will probably not be able to do without the correct computer models and programs) the enormous amount of data necessary to validate the correct royalty payments.

In short, Bordas Mineral Management, among other things, will be reviewing materials and production data to determine if your royalty checks are issued in the proper amount.

This must be done because royalty revenue receipts are often incorrect, sometimes by significant amounts.  Thus, verification of the right ownership percentage and a comparison and review of pricing and production information will be undertaken to verify that the owner is receiving correct payments.


Royalty Revenue Auditing

Have you been in production for months, years, multiple years?

Bordas Mineral Management is offering Royalty Auditing services. Our team of division order analysts, accountants, and industry professionals will be assisting the landowner in retrieving past production royalty checks. Analyzing old production data from the existing well and also working with the operator/operators to retrieve production cost that affect your royalty payments to determine if your past royalties were paid to you in an accurate manner.


A review of past production statements can result in a settlement of hundreds of thousands of dollars with ongoing future increases in royalty payments of thousands of dollars a year.

State law limits the amount of time you have to recover under payments. In short, the sooner the audit process begins the more income that can be collected on your royalty payments over the lifetime of your well.


Lease Negotiation

An oil, gas, and mineral lease is the primary and controlling contract in oil, gas, and mineral related transactions. With the changing environment in the industry, now, more than ever, a satisfactory lease contract is mandatory.  An inadequate or improperly prepared lease may subject an owner to years of disadvantage. While most companies are ethical when dealing with owners, they do attempt to negotiate transactions to their advantage. Bordas Mineral Management will assist owners or their agents, attorneys, or representatives in the negotiation of lease terms which protect and enhance the value of the owner’s property. Bordas Mineral Management remains abreast of leasing markets and can advise its clients as to lease terms which the “market” should bear.  For owners of multiple properties that are the subject of recurring lease proposals, Bordas Mineral Management can prepare forms of oil, gas, and mineral leases tailored to the owner’s specific needs, desires, and concerns, which may be adapted for use in recurring lease transactions.


Monitoring Delay Rental and Shut-In Gas Royalty Payments

Payment of delay rentals and shut-in gas royalties are a component of and may be a condition to the continuing validity of many oil and gas leases.  Bordas Mineral Management will review and verify for timeliness and accuracy, delay rental and shut-in royalty payment receipts.  When payments are late, are not made, or underpayments occur, Bordas Mineral Management will initiate efforts to secure releases of oil and gas lease contracts and return the affected property to an “available” status so a new lease (and additional revenue) can be obtained for the owner.


Mineral Sales

This client category includes individuals and business SELLERS and their agents, attorneys, and representatives involved in the sale of royalty and mineral interest (producing and non-producing), leasehold interests (working interests and overriding royalty interests), or surface interests (referred to in this discussion as “Oil and Gas Properties” or “Properties”), which are affected by oil, gas, and mineral exploration, development, and production activities.

Whether an offer to purchase properties is solicited or unsolicited, a prospective seller may find it beneficial to obtain assistance.  The spectrum of sellers include those who have never been involved in a sales transaction, to those regularly involved in sales transactions.  The services available through Bordas Mineral Management are intended to accommodate all or selected needs of a prospective seller and to provide assistance to a seller’s agents, attorneys, and representatives in fulfilling the seller’s obligations in a successful transaction.

The services available from Bordas Mineral Management include:

  1. Offering mineral packages to select investors to obtain the most favorable compensation.
  2. Evaluating offers to determine their adequacy or benefit to the seller.
  3. Coordinating the seller’s compliance with the obligations and covenants imposed on the seller in a Purchase and Sales Agreement. These may include:
    1. Timely notification to all preferential rights holders.
    2. Compliance with all notice requirements imposed on the seller in the Purchase and Sales Agreement.

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